My Top 10 Movies That Bring me Joy

Growing up, I was always the kid who was obsessed with movies. All the kids I grew up around loved being outside but, not me. 90% of the time I was in the house with my mom watching lifetime movies or re-watching classics films that were older than me.

Movies would help me get lost for hours at a time.

I guess you can say, I fell in love with an alternate reality and I had a deep appreciation for movies because they always brought happy endings. Each film brought me joy and they always left me with an inexpressible feeling.

  1. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore graces the screen as the unforgettable and hilariously awkward, Josie Gellar, a 25 year old reporter assigned one of the biggest yet scariest assignments in her journalist career which involves posing as a 17 year old in high school. Given her track record in high school, she wasn’t the most popular at all and severely struggled in the dating department but with this new assignment, things seem to be looking up for her as she finally gains the popularity she’s always wanted. The best part is, even after going back to her old stomping grounds, she still was missing one thing, a first kiss. This is the ultimate comedy that I run too when I need a good laugh. It’s not only a hysterical film but it’s also a relatable one.

2. Steel Magnolias

Sally Field and Julia Roberts practically raised me by how many times I’ve seen this movie. M’Lynn and Shelby make us laugh and cry with their mother-daughter bond displaying nothing but unconditional love. This is not only a story of sisterhood but a movie that proves that having 30 minutes of wonderful is always better than having a lifetime of nothing special. Watching this growing up made me realize that although life is short, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be spectacular at the same time. Disclaimer — I’ve watched this at least 100 times and it never ceases to make me cry.

3. B*A*P*S

If you haven’t seen this movie, are you really a Halle Berry Fan? Nisy (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Deselle), risk it all and fly to Los Angeles for a music video shoot but they ultimately find themselves at the doorstep of a very wealthy man in Beverly Hills. This film will have you crying tears of laughter as the hilarious duo find friendship in the most unlikely place.

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is easily best rom-com on earth if you ask me. Julia (Julia Roberts) and her longtime best-friend Michael (Dermont Mulrony) have been just like glue to each other for almost a decade making her his number one girl in her mind.That’s until…Micheal comes up engaged to none other than bubbly, Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) and Julia does everything in her power to try to break up the wedding and steal the groom in a matter of 4 days. Did I mention she was also the made of honor? This movie never fails to lift my spirits. It’s entertaining, funny and one of the most realistic romantic comedies of all time.

5. Men Of Honor

This biopic is based on the courageous life of Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr). Gooding plays the first African American to ever become a Navy Seals Diver. The film is based in the 1950s-1970s in a time where black divers didn’t exist. Robert De Niro stars alongside Gooding portraying an unwavering Chief who does everything in his power to make sure that Brashear doesn’t graduate from the Navy. Brashear overcame every obstacle possible to fulfill his dream and sadly, his lifelong goal even cost him his leg. This story of triumph taught me at a very young age that giving up is never an option in life. If you’re needing inspiration in any aspect of your life or you want a reason to stop making excuses for yourself, then this is the film for you.

6. Boys on The Side

If you’re looking for a story about the power of love and friendship with the most unlikely trio, then this movie is for you. Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, and Mary-Louise Parker star in a heartwarming story about 3 women from different walks of life driving across country seeking adventure while facing the unthinkable, together. From an accidental death, to highlighting the sad reality of AIDS and unbreakable bonds, this film has very unpredictable plots. It’ll make you laugh, cry and most importantly, feel. Whenever I feel alone, I put this movie on and the portrayal of friendship made me realize what really matters in life.

7 . Love & Basketball

There’s so much to say about this film. Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps play two fearless kids who happened to grow up together and have two things in common; their love for basketball and each other. Monica and Quincy’s story wasn’t perfect but theres something so endearing about seeing these two on screen showing a raw look at authentic and realistic young love. Watching this growing up always put me at ease. This film will definitely have you in your feels and it may or may not having you thinking of your first love. Whew chile, you couldn’t tell me my love life wasn’t going to be just like Quincy and Monicas growing up but hey, God had different plans for me clearly.

8. Beautiful

Not many people understand my love for this movie but this charming film tells a story of a determined girl with a troubled childhood who has big dreams of being a pageant queen. Minnie Driver plays “Mona”, a young girl who is driven to fulfill her goal of being “Miss American Miss” but struggles with self-acceptance and lack of love causing her to believe that being beautiful is the only way to fill the void. She soon finds out that she had found love and acceptance in places she’d never expect.

9. Life

It’s safe to say that Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence might be the funniest duo in film history. Life is one of those movies that is severely underrated and it breaks my heart. The two comedic legends portray Ray and Claude, two bootleggers who are framed for a murder in a time where black people were considered guilty from the moment they were born. After being sentenced to life in prison, they form a lifelong friendship. This is such a classic/funny film that I often forget how sad it is but if I learned anything by watching this, it’s that life is truly what we make it and we should always be grateful for freedom, friendship and laughter.

10. Save The Last Dance

I guess you can say every movie that I loved either came out in the 90s or in the 2000s. Sara (Julia Stiles), a promising ballerina who loses her mother in a horrific car accident moves to Detroit to live with her estranged father, where she meets her new love interest, Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas). The two don’t have much in common other than dance. Derek helps her continue her dream of going to Julliard by helping her fall in love with dance again and open her heart back up to love. This is one of my favorite dance movies of all time. I can’t count how many times I’ve attempted at re-enacting the ending scene.

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